Creating Transparent Oil Gels & More

Gels and lotions
Combine our EB-21 and GP-1 gelling agents to create (pourable) soft oil gels
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Stabilize emulsions
Use any of our gelling agents EB-21 or GP-1 to stabilize the oil fraction in your emulsion
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Gelatinization Agent EB-21 and GP-1

Featured products:

  • Gelatinization Agent EB-21 and GP-1 are derived from the amino acid L-Glutamic acid.
  • After being dissolved in oils, they form a fiber network of microscopic size upon cooling, which traps oils to turn the liquids into “solid oils” with a unique texture.
  • Due to the fact that only 0.5-5% of the agents are required to form oil gels and that the fiber structure is very thin, EB-21 and GP-1 virtually do not change the sensory aspects of the original oils.

SEM Image

Tips to create clear oil sticks:

  1. With 4-5% of gelling agents and in order to obtain a gel with both high strength and clarity, please use GP-1/EB-21 in a 75/25 to 50/50 ratio.
  2. Combine EB-21 and GP1 similarly to reduce their melting temperature in the oil(s).
  3. Polar oils (esters, polyols, etc.) lead to lower dissolution temperatures than non-polar oils. Use the premix AJK-OD 2046 to benefit from its lower dissolution temperature.

Tips to create an emulsion:

  1. Sensory change in O/W and W/O emulsions can be achieved with 0.5-2% of Gelling agents. 
  2. Watery to emollient emulsions need as low as 0.4% of gelling agents.
  3. Change in the HLB will not affect the emulsion stability as the oil droplets are in gel sate!