Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Article 1: Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions listed below govern your use of the Website of Ajinomoto Omnichem SA – AminoScience Division (hereinafter referred to as « AOC – AminoScience Division »), named WWW.ajiaminoscience.eu/, as well as all other sites that have been or will be developed by AOC – AminoScience Division, hereinafter jointly referred to as ‘the Website’.

This Website has been created and is managed by Ajinomoto Omnichem SA – AminoScience Division, Rue Emile Francqui 7, 1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert (headquartered in Cooppallaan 91, B-9230 Wetteren BE 0403.078.352). For more information, you can send an email via our contact form.

By accessing and using this Website, you agree with the following general terms and conditions unreservedly and commit to respect them.

The use of this Website will not lead to the creation of any cooperation agreement.

If any provision of these terms is unenforceable or unlawful, this inapplicability shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provisions.

AOC – AMINOSCIENCE DIVISION reserves the right to modify these terms of use. Consequently, the user shall read them prior to any new use.

These terms of use are specific and only relate to the use of the Website of AOC – AminoScience Division, as well as to any other internet and/or network initiatives of AOC – AminoScience Division (see above). They shall be complemented by the general terms and conditions of AOC – AminoScience Division that still apply in full to the legal relationship between AOC – AminoScience Division and the customer/user.


Article 2: Access to the Website


As far as possible, AOC – AminoScience Division takes every step to ensure a 24/7 access to its Website without any guarantee whatsoever.

However, this access may be interrupted in particular in case of maintenance or update, in case of failure, or in case of any other technical reasons.

Article 3: Intellectual property rights

This Website, including texts, structure, lay-out, graphic components, presentation, logos, software and all its other possible elements, is protected by the intellectual property rights of AOC – AminoScience Division, its possible suppliers, providers or partners. These intellectual property rights include but are not limited to copyrights, related rights, rights relating to data banks and trademark rights.

Other product names or companies mentioned on this Website may be trademarks of their respective owners. Without prior permission in writing from the beneficiary or from AOC – AminoScience Division, the user shall not modify, copy, communicate, translate, share, reproduce, publish, grant a licence, pass or sell information, software, products or services obtained from this Website. It shall also be prohibited to create derivative works based on the aforementioned elements.

The same provision applies to excerpts of works proposed on this Website, even if these are provided free of charge. Any infringement of these intellectual property rights may give rise to civil and penal proceedings. Any total or partial reproduction of the catalogue of AOC – AminoScience Division is strictly prohibited.

Article 4: Liability


The purpose of this Website is to provide general information about the activities and products of AOC – AminoScience Division, as well as of its possible subsidiaries.

AOC – AminoScience Division and its information providers shall not be held liable for any failure, interruption or errors on its Website, or for any consequences thereof for the user or any third party. Information, products and services on this Website may contain technical inaccuracies, or inaccuracies relating to the content, or misprints.

AOC – AminoScience Division gives no guarantee whatsoever regarding the accuracy or updating of information on this Website.

AOC – AminoScience Division shall not be held liable under any circumstances whatsoever for illegitimate actions or damage that arise from these terms, or from its contractual liability, or from its liability for defective products, or for any direct, indirect or accidental damage whatsoever, such as operating losses, opportunity losses, losses in earnings, business stagnation, or personnel costs, even if these arise from a gross negligence or a repetitive error caused by the Website (including technical functioning or unavailability), computer viruses, computer crimes, hacking, and this even though AOC – AminoScience Division had been notified about these dangers.

Nor shall AOC – AminoScience Division be held liable in case of temporary or permanent disruption or damage to the user’s data or hardware when accessing the Website, consulting web pages or, more generally, when downloading files and computer software from the Website to the recipient’s equipment. More specifically, AOC – AminoScience Division shall not be held liable for any transfer of computer viruses through its Website. AOC – AminoScience Division shall not be held liable for the fraudulent use of its means of distribution. AOC – AminoScience Division shall not be held liable in case of intrusion of its IT systems, and for the subsequent data theft. AOC – AminoScience Division uses, however, all the means at its disposal in order to avoid any unauthorized intrusion.

AOC – AminoScience Division shall not be held liable for the non-execution of the contract that was concluded, for stock depletion or product unavailability, in case of force majeure, unrest or total or partial strike, more specifically of postal services and means of transportation and of communication, flood, or fire.

Article 5: Hyperlinks


Web spaces outside WWW.ajiaminoscience.eu domains and subdomains and, more specifically, spaces to which the user may be redirected via hyperlinks appearing on the pages of this Website remain the sole liability of the owners of the websites in question.

Indeed, AOC – AminoScience Division cannot exercise any permanent control of these websites, nor be held liable for their content. The presence of such hyperlinks constitutes no endorsement by AOC – AminoScience Division of the elements contained in this Website.

Therefore, AOC – AminoScience Division shall not be held liable for the material and data whatsoever contained in or disseminated through the websites in question, and for the processing of personal data carried out on these websites.

Article 6: Applicable law and jurisdiction


Any disputes related to this Website and its use, or arising from it, are exclusively governed by Belgian law. To this end, the court of first instance of Gent, the commercial court of Gent and the peace court of the first canton of Gent have exclusive jurisdiction. Citations against AOC – AminoScience Division shall be exclusively dealt with through these courts.

AOC – AminoScience Division reserves the right to refuse partial or total access to its Website to any user, at any time, unilaterally and without prior notification, more specifically in the event of a clear violation of these terms by the user. The use of this Website is prohibited in countries where these terms, including this paragraph, are not applicable. If you do not agree with the content of these conditions, the only possible recourse is not to use this Website.