About us

About us

A Pioneer

The Ajinomoto Group entered the Cosmetics and Toiletries Ingredient business with the launches of Ajidew® humectants in 1971 and Amisoft® surfactants in 1972. The base material for these products is monosodium glutamate (MSG) made with a fermentation method that uses plant-based raw materials.

Weakly acidic, safe for human use and highly biodegradable, Amisoft® started rapidly to enhance facial cleansers, shampoos and bar soaps. To this day, AMISOFT’s natural biocompatibility makes it one of the industry’s safest surfactants. Products containing this ingredient remain powerful in use and gentle for the environment.

Since the 70’s, Ajinomoto, Co keeps pioneering the field of personal care ingredients by developing additional  ingredients made from various amino acids. These offer already and will offer new options as ingredients in a wide range of cosmetics and toiletries that follow the concept of being environmentally friendly and mild to skin.

Amino acids are essential for good skin and hair

Nowadays, many products such as shampoos, conditioners, and body washes advertise that they contain amino acids. Products formulated with amino acids offer a number of benefits. Amino acids are critical to the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) of the stratum corneum of the skin. When the cells in the epidermis die and become the stratum corneum, the proteins in these cells are broken down into amino acids and supplied to the stratum corneum. Roughly half of the NMF of skin consist of amino acids and pyrrolidone carboxylic acid (PCA). PCA comes from the amino acid glutamic acid.

Skin is naturally somewhat acidic with a pH of 5 to 6. Washing your hands repeatedly with alkaline soap increases the alkalinity of your skin and is the main reason of its roughness. Amino acid-based soaps and liquid handwashes are working optimally in mild acidic or neutral conditions. They clean your skin while maintaining its natural pH.

Ajinomoto Personal Care Worldwide Locations

As a global pioneer in amino acids and Personal Care science, Ajinomoto Co. is expanding its R&D, production and sales network to Europe, the US, South America and Asia, thus contributing to the health and beauty of people worldwide. We are continuously selling and producing ingredients of the highest quality from the below locations: