How to volumize hair without loosing manageability?

How to volumize Hair without loosing the manageability

Learn how Amilite™, an amino-acid derived surfactant, will do the job!

Why is it important ?

Specialists see the concerns about hair volume and manageability increasing. This tendency is mainly sustained by the aging of the world’s population, but also more simply by people having damaged or naturally thin hair. 

Why is it challenging ?

Finding the good anionic surfactants to create a volumizing shampoo that leaves the hair manageable is particularly challenging… especially in combination with cationic polymers. This process known as coacervation, makes the shampoo pleasant to use and easily rinseable.

How Amilite™ GCK-12H can help ?

Amilite™ GCK-12H is an anionic surfactant made by reacting the simple amino acid Glycine to a Cocoyl fatty acid.
  • Dense and abundant foam, even in the presence of oils & emollients.
  • Application pH: 6.5 – 8, fresh feeling.
  • Easy coacervation, for instance in association with PQ-7 or PQ-22.
  • ISO16128 Natural Origin Index : 95%
  • Biodegradability test (28 days) according to OECD Guidelines 301F: 90%
  In comparison with SLES, C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate or Isethionate, our R&D team has proven that a formulation containing Amilite leaves hair more bounced at root (volume up) yet nicely arranged at ends (manageability).

Transparent SLES-free Hair Shampoo (AGHS-9) 

This formulation containing AMILITE GCK-12H as a cleansing surfactant, achieves both “Volume-up” and “Manageability”.