Oil Gelling Agent GP-1



GP-1 (INCI Name : Dibutyl Lauroyl Glutamide) is an oil gelling agent, derived from L-Glutamic acid.

GP-1 (as well as EB-21) are not polymeric, they are low molecular weight molecules that self-assemble and trap oils in their mesh network. Consequently, the skin feel of the formed gel is simply that of the oils employed.

Major applications:

GP-1 and EB-21 can be used to form innovative clear hard oil sticks and/or clear oil gels (lip stick, Sun care stick). It can also be used in innovative Make-up sticks and to increase the stability in emulsion systems.

A premix of EB-21 and GP-1 in octyldodecanol is sold as AJK-OD2046.