Aquadew™ : a polymeric humectant

Mont-Saint-Guibert, June 2022 – Humectants are still very desirable add-ons in personal care formulations.  Here we discuss about AQUADEW SPA-30B (INCI : Sodium Polyaspartate),  a multifunctional anionic moisturizer derived from the amino acid aspartic acid.  

1. AQUADEWSPA-30B is a polymer of aspartic acids (MW 3000-5000), with high affinity for skin on which it forms a non-occlusive film: 

  • Trapping moisture. 
  • Hydrating skin on long-term.
  • Protecting & repairing the skin.

Dosage recommendation : 0.5-5%

2. AQUADEWSPA-30B moisturizes hair too, but also: 

  • improves hair manageability.
  • protects hair from split ends or breakage.


Dosage recommendation : 0.5-2%

3. AQUADEWSPA-30B is also very useful in makeup applications*: 

  • Improving pigment dispersion
  • Improving glossiness
  • Improving rheology
  • Good adhesion & coverage (with Arginine)


Dosage recommendation : 1-2%

*Note its presence in the Prodew™700 humectant cocktail. 

Amino Infused Acne-fighting & Age-defying facial mask  (ASC-33-44-1)

With Aquadew™ SPA-30B for long-term moisturization

With Ajidew™ ZN-100 for sebum control.