Prodew™ 700



PRODEW™ 700, a blend of amino acid-derived ingredients dedicated to your daily personal care, delivers triple actions.

1. Skin Health Enhancement*
The water content and barrier function of the stratum corneum is enhanced

• Better texture of the skin surface (fineness and isotropy).
• Prolonged moisturizing, smooth and soft sensory feel.

2. Make-up Properties Improvement
The combination of AQUADEW™ SPA-30B and Arginine provides:

• Better adhesion and coverage of the makeup.
• Boosting of SPF of emulsions.
• Improving the pigment dispersion.

➥ 1+2 = Clearly Better Finish and Long-lasting Effect

An improved makeup on a healthier skin can only result in a nicer finish that will last day (or night) long, without smudge and deformation

*PRODEW™ 700 contains Zinc PCA and a blend of amino-acids – closely mimicking the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor – that nourish the Stratum Corneum in depth. Prodew™ 700 is a 50% aq. solution, easily incorporated in emulsions.