Prodew™ 700



PRODEW™ 700 is a paraben-free blend of ingredients derived from amino acids bringing several benefits to skincare and make-up formulations:

Skin Care Benefit*
Improvement of skin condition: water content and barrier function of stratum corneum, texture of skin surface with fineness and isotropy.
Improvement of sensory feel: moisturized feel, smoothness, and softness.

Enhancement of Make-up Properties
Good adhesion and coverage derived from the combination of AQUADEW™ SPA-30B and Arginine incorporated in PRODEW™ 700.
Boosting sun screening effect in O/W foundation by improving pigment dispersion.

Improvement of Beautiful Finish and Long-lasting Effect
Achievement of a beautiful finish by good adhesion to crista cutis, evenness, and excellent coverage.
Making the finish look last overtime without smudge and deformation of make-up film.

*PRODEW™ 700 contains Zinc PCA and a blend of amino-acids – closely mimicking the skin’s NMF – that nourish the Stratum Corneum in depth.


Prodew™ 700 is a 50% aq. solution, easily incorporated in emulsions.