Say stop to microplastics : New natural microbeads

Mont-Saint-Guibert, May 2022 – As presented during InCosmetics® 2022,  Ajinomoto, Co. Inc is proud to launch  Amihope™ SB-101 and Amihope™ SB-102, two 100% natural alternatives to the plastic microbeads (such as PMMA and Nylon-12) used in Personal Care.

Each year in EU, around 220 000 tonnes of microplastics (small plastic pieces typically smaller than 5 mm) end up in the environment, where they cannot biodegrade*.

Microplastics are unintentionally formed when larger pieces of plastic wear apart, like car tyres, or aren’t properly recycled, like packaging. But microplastics can be also deliberately manufactured and added to products for specific purposes, such as Nylon-12 and PMMA in make-up formulations. This deliberate usage is more and more restricted by authorities, disliked by the consumers and should thus be substituted for sustainable alternatives.



Amihope™ SB functional powders

AMIHOPE™ SB are round shaped powders based on nature-derived ingredients.

Two types of natural beads, silica and starch, have been respectively coated with Lauroyl Lysine.


• Better sensory feeling and soft focus property than the existing natural powders.
• Better balance of stability and usability in pressed type formulation. 
• Improved color difference of color cosmetics products before and after application on skin.
• Good applicability in hot or cold process.