Eldew™ SL-205



INCI Name : Isopropyl Lauroyl Sarcosinate

Eldew™ SL-205 is a light emollient derived from Sarcosine (N-methylate of the amino acid Glycine) and a fatty acid. It has a colourless to yellow liquid appearance with a pleasant non-greasy and non-sticky sensory feel.

Eldew™ SL-205 is a multifunctional ingredient with numerous applications in Skin care, Sun care, Make-up and Hair care products.

Eldew™ SL-205 is highly polar and has the ability to readily dissolve poorly soluble materials such as organic UV filters and active ingredients (f.i vitamins, emollients,…). Similarly, it helps dispersing mineral pigments and filters, improving their stability (increasing the SPF factor). It also protects hair from photodamages.