Amihope™ OL



INCI Name : N-Capryloyl Lysine

AMIHOPE™ OL is a natural amino acid-based functional powder derived from L-lysine (an amino acid) and a fatty acid. It has excellent lubricious properties giving natural transparency after application with silky and emollient feel to any formulation type. It is insoluble in water and in oil.

N-Capryloyl Lysine is a 100% natural ingredient.

Colour Cosmetics & Skin care benefits :

  • Micro-plastics replacement powder
  • Excellent adhesion to the skin
  • Water repellence which prevents blotching or running due to sweating.

Hair care benefits :

  • Solution for Amino shampoo (Silicon-free).

Sun care benefits :

  • Increases Pigment dispersion (SPF factor)