Needing a novel natural anionic surfactant ? Try Amilite® ACS-12 (sodium cocoyl alaninate)!

Mont-Saint-Guibert, October, 2021Needing a novel anionic surfactant? Ajinomoto, Co. is pleased to announce that its anionic surfactant Amilite® ACS-12 (sodium cocoyl alaninate) will soon be fully-made with naturally-sourced precursors.


Based on the natural amino acid Alanine and PO/PKO fatty acids, Amilite® ACS-12 has thus received the Ecocert® , COSMOS® & Natrue® certifications.


Amilite® ACS-12 is a gentle anionic surfactant giving all it’s potential in personal care formulations at a pH around 7±1*.


Amilite® ACS-12 is known to give a dense and rich foam, even in the presence of oils. This makes it useful in either “wash & care” concepts containing emollients or oily skin and hair wash formulations.


Developments can start, the new natural version’s delivery is planned for April 2022! 

*Our other iconic amino acid-based & natural surfactant, Amisoft, is more active around pH 5±1.

Formulation example

This Hydrating Gel Cleanser (ref. ASC 36-11) is a mild moisturizing foaming cleanser. It illustrates the “wash & care” concept with the presence of the Eldew® emollient.  

  • Amilite® ACS-12 has excellent foaming properties while retaining your skin’s moisture at the same time.
  • Ajidew® NL-50 has excellent moisturizing properties and helps keep your skin hydrated and supple.
  • Eldew® PS-203R has ceramide type-III like properties. It helps keep skin barrier healthy and also helps repair any damage. In foaming formulations, Eldew PS-203R enhances foam texture and gives you a luxurious foaming experience.


This formula is simple to formulate and allows for excellent cleansing and moisturizing of your skin.


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