L-Arginine HF



INCI Name : L-Arginine 

L-Arginine is an amino acid baring a guanidine group on the central carbon of the amino acid framework. With an isoelectric point at 11.15, L-Arginine shows the strongest basicity of all amino acids and is present as a cation in solution on a broad pH range. Only the L-enantiomer is found in nature. L-Arginine is widely used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and feed sectors. L-Arginine is nowadays produced by fermentation using carbohydrates from vegetable sources (e.g. via the upcycling of molasses).

In haircare, L-Arginine is used to:

  • Anchor other hair nutrients on and feed the hair shaft
  • Improve the hair diameter
  • Give a slippery touch to wet hair
  • Increase the moisturizing feel and hair manageability of conditioners
  • Favour dye retention
  • Simply to adjust a formulation’s pH (as a base)

In skincare and makeup, L-Arginine is used to:

  • Moisturise, feed and condition the skin/scalp
  • Simply to adjust a formulation’s pH (as a base)