To help you filtering our ingredients

To help you filtering our ingredients

Oil Gelling Agents

Can form clear, hard oil sticks and/or clear oil gels. These oil gelling agents can also be used in emulsion systems to increase stability.

Texture modifier : Amihope™

Amino acid-derived functional powders, insoluble in both water and oil. They have excellent lubricious properties and will bring a soft feel in many hair, skin and makeup products.


Amisoft™ & Amilite™ are mild anionic surfactants produced from amino acids and fatty acids. They have excellent cleansing and foaming properties in the pH 4 to 8 range, keeping the skin and hair moisturized. They are an excellent option for sulfate-free product applications.

Amisafe™ is a natural amphoteric surfactant based on arginine and fatty acid. It has good conditioning capabilities.

CAE is an amino acid-derived cationic surfactant with anti-microbial activity. It has excellent hair conditioning properties. It is also biodegradable.


Prodew™ are Ajinomoto’s cocktails blending PCA and amino acids to mimic the components of the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) for skin and Cell Membrane Complex (CMC) for hair. They show high moisture absorption and retention capabilities.

Ajidew™ are natural Pyrrolidone Carboxylate (PCA)-derived humectants. PCA is a major and genuine component of the body’s NMF and a perfect skin and hair moisturizer.

Aquadew™ SPA-30B is an anionic moisturizer made of Polyaspartate, with a high affinity for skin and hair, on which it forms a film preventing water loss.

Emollient : Eldew™

Amino acid-derived emollients with numerous benefits for skin, hair and makeup products. Some Eldew™ have type III ceramide like properties and are very effective for the recovery of damaged skin. Most Eldew™ have a very high capacity of dispersing pigments and solubilizing poorly soluble actives or UV filters.  Eldew™ ingredients have a high water holding capacity.