AMINO SHAMPOOS – A new era of Hair Cleansers: Formulated with Amino Acid-Based Surfactants with added benefits

Mont Saint Guibert, April 01, 2021 – We all know the consumers are paying a lot more attention to their impact on the planet, specifically younger generations who are looking more and more to water efficient personal care products. In light of this trend, we have developed a new natural solid shampoo formulation. 

Our colleagues from Brazil have also recently developed 4 new haircare formulations based on the Amino Shampoo concept, so popular in the APAC regions.

Deeply investigating the Brazilian Market, Ajinomoto, Co. decided to connect long term expertise in producing the mild surfactant range Amisoft ® and Amilite ® to the hair diversity of Brazil. Choosing over 14 surfactants in Brazilian hair type, Ajinomoto selected the 4 best performing mild amino acid based surfactants to develop a full service solution for Afro and Caucasian hair types.

Please contact us to discuss about the findings and benefits shown by these new formulations.