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Ajinomoto_NC-0010_E_Skin Care_Skin Care Cream Natural

…for 1 month Skin Care Cream NC-0010 Note; The information is provided based upon our technical data and present knowledge. However, we make no warranties, expressed or implied, and assume…

Ajinomoto_ABR-ST-001-19_Skin Care_Powder to Serum

…4.00 Skin Moisturizer Active Cosmedia® Ultragel 300 *2 Polyquaternium-37 2.00 Sensory Modifier, Skin Conditioning Agent CAE PCA Ethyl Cocoyl Arginate 2.00 Cationic Surfactant / Skin Conditioning Agent Macadamia Oil *3…

Ajinomoto_ASC35-45_Skin Care_Amino Moisturizing Sanitizing Spray-Wipe

…wipe sanitizer mitigates the drying effect of alcohol with powerful moisturizers. Ajidew® NL-50, a skin-natural component of the NMF, provides moisturization. Our unique cationic CAE imparts softness and moisturizing to…

Ajinomoto_AMJ-1_Skin Care_Light Moisturizing Gel

AJINOMOTO TECHNICAL NEWS 13F-010 Dec.2013 Moisturizing Gel AMJ-1 A light touch gel moisturizer in which amino-acid based moisturizers and emollient help the skin keeping moisture. Free from alcohol and parabens….

Ajinomoto_NPL-0327_Skin Care_Natural Concept Milky Lotion

AJINOMOTO TECHNICAL NEWS 10F-017 Apr. 2010 Milky Lotion NPL-0327 A natural concept milky lotion formulation with light feel. AMIHOPE LL imparts impressive silky, smooth feel to the skin. (wt%) A…