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You have the opportunity to select and request 7 prototype formulations
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Ajinomoto_NC-0010_E_Skin Care_Skin Care Cream Natural

Ajinomoto_SC-W71_Skin Care_Skin Care Cream

Ajinomoto_FC-L-3_Skin Care_Skin Toner

Ajinomoto_NTON-CP-3_Skin Care_Facial Skin Toner Natural

Ajinomoto_SSPB-CP-CHA_Skin Care_Natural Facial Skin Toner

Ajinomoto_NC-K005_Skin Care_Nail Care Oil

Ajinomoto_ABR-SC-013-19_Skin Care_Oxygenating Cleanse Mask

Ajinomoto_ABR-ST-001-19_Skin Care_Powder to Serum

Ajinomoto_ABR-ST-015-19_Skin Care_Moisturizing Eye Mask

Ajinomoto_ACAC-22-90-1-9_Skin Care_Light Moisturzing Lotion

Ajinomoto_AC-FC190819-15_Skin Care_Silky Tofu Cream

Ajinomoto_AC-FOM170926-3_Skin Care_Oxygen Bubble Mask (Sulfate Free)

Ajinomoto_AMJ-1_Skin Care_Light Moisturizing Gel

Ajinomoto_AP-S3GE_Skin Care_Antiperspirant gel stick

Ajinomoto_ASC21-46-2_Skin Care_Sakura Moisturizing Serum