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Ajinomoto_ASC21-43-1_Makeup_Cherry Blossom Solid Fragrance Clear Gel

…it upon contact with the skin. Trade Name Supplier INCI Name % w/w Function (in Formula / on Skin) A. Gelatinization Agent GP-1 Ajinomoto Dibutyl Lauroyl Glutamide 2.4 Oil gelling

Ajinomoto_ASC16-76-1_Makeup_Clear Lip Gloss Gel Stick

…Lauroyl Glutamide 2.4 Oil gelling agent Gelatinization Agent EB-21 Ajinomoto Dibutyl Ethylhexanoyl Glutamide 1.6 Oil gelling agent Risonol 20SP Kokyu Alcohol Kogyo Co., Ltd. Octyldodecanol 16.0 Initial solvent B. Panalane…

Ajinomoto_ASC 30-79_Makeup_Long Lasting Clear Lip Gloss Stick

…even though it is in a solid stick form. Gelling agent premix, AJKOD_2046, (which is a premix of our oil gelling agents GP-1 & EB-21), provides good strength, structure &…

Ajinomoto_ASC30-86-1B_Makeup_Foundation Stick

ASC-30-86-1B Foundation Stick Foundation stick contains Ajinomoto’s oil gelling agents, AJK OD2046 (premix of our gelling agents EB-21 & GP-1), which makes the product more stable, provides strength, & does…

Ajinomoto_ASC-36-29_Makeup_Hydrating Gel Foundation

…Trade Name INCI Name Supplier % w/w Role of Ingredient A GP-1 Dibutyl Lauroyl Glutamide Ajinomoto 0.3 Gelling agent. Emulsion stabilizer. Texture Butylene Glycol Butylene Glycol – 9 Solvent for…

Ajinomoto_ASC30-66_Makeup_Amino Blossom Fragrance

agent and an effective ceramide-like emollient. Trade Name Supplier INCI Name %w/w Function A. Gelatinization Agent GP-1 Ajinomoto Dibutyl Lauroyl Glutamide 3.00 Pre-gel Mixture. Stick Strength and structure Gelatinization Agent

Ajinomoto_ACAC-BB-08_Makeup_Concealing BB Balm

…POLYMETHYLSILSESQUIOXANE*6 5.93 Texturizer AMIHOPE LL 1.00 Sensory improver ELDEW PS203 0.50 Emollient B 10.72 Pigment 1.03 Pigment 0.33 Pigment 0.17 Pigment C OCTYLDODECANOL*11 18.75 Emollient, Solubilizer for GP-1 GP-1 3.50…