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Pricing can be obtained by sending your request to

Information required on the purchase order include:

Company Name
Bill-to, sold-to and Ship-to Address
Payment Terms
Product name & Code
Quantity (in Kg) and Pricing
Requested delivery date
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Delivery note, Packing list and Certificate of Analysis.Any other document must be requested to our customer service and may be subject to additional charges.

Orders can be sent directly to the customer Service representative in charge of your account.New customers can contact our customer service at ASD-Customer-Service@aoc.ajinomoto.comOrder status can be requested by contacting the customer Service representative in charge of your account.

Our finance department can be contacted at

Bank: ING BankAddress: 5, Rue Godefroid # 5000 NamurBank Account: 340-1508950-56IBAN: BE20 3401 5089 5056BIC/SWIFT: BBRUBEBB

From our warehouse location: Brede Steeg 1, 7041 GV, ‘s-Heerenberg, The Netherlands

Ajinomoto OmniChem, AmioScience Division is supplying their products according to FIFO procedure. The minimum remaining re-test period will be 6 months.

Please send an E-mail to 

Our standard sample size is 100 grams and three distinct lot numbers can be requested for validation purposes.

Ajinomoto set a re-test period on their products to allow the customers to re-test them according to their own procedure and to decide by themselves if the products are still acceptable for their needs. Ajinomoto does not perform re-testing.
Amino acids distributed by Ajinomoto OmniChem do not meet the criteria for classification as dangerous substances. According to the REACh regulation Article 31, the requirements for MSDS do not apply. MSDS are available in English language for your information only.
Please send your request by E-mail to our regulatory/technical services.
CEPs are only disclosed for regulatory purposes to direct customers using the amino acid as an API. CEP is a confidential document only shared after the signature of a secrecy agreement.
Please address your request to our regulatory/technical services.
In order to confirm compliance of an amino acids with several pharmacopeial monographies (e.g. EP, USP and JP) with only one test per specification, Ajinomoto has developed their own methods of analysis with their own limits. These tests have been cross-validated to confirm their compliance with all relevant pharmacopeial test and limits.
We notify any change that could impact the safety or quality of the product. Change notifications are sent at least to all customers having business with Ajinomoto OmniChem during the last years. CEP changes are notified to customers having referred to the previous version of the concerned CEP.
Sugar molasses from vegetable raw material are used during fermentation process for carbohydrates source. The sugars may originate from different sources like corn, sugar beet, sugar cane or tapioca.