The Amino Sciences group in Belgium provides highly pure Ajinomoto Amino Acids for pharmaceuticals, medical food & nutraceuticals, food, and cosmetics applications to customers in the EMEA.

Ajinomoto Amino Acids are produced to the highest quality standards under cGMP conditions with non-animal materials, allowing us to be registered by, compliant with or certified by: JP, USP, EP, DMF, JDMF, CEP, ICH, CFR and ISO.

Our manufacturing locations, in the US, Japan, Brazil and China, use advanced fermentation manufacturing processes and patented production technologies, allowing us to provide the correct quality in the appropriate packaging sizes of our top-quality amino acids to meet your needs.

Our commitment to your success goes well beyond the product. We provide the analytical support, regulatory insight and extensive technical know-how required to take your products from lab bench to pharmacy, hospital or store shelf.

A history of innovation

Ajinomoto was the first company to use the fermentation process in the manufacture of amino acids and remains the industry leader today.

Ajinomoto was founded more than a century ago. Today, we’re the powerhouse behind ongoing advances in health, medicine, food and beauty – and the trusted source for purity, consistency and availability around the world. From initial research to final production, count on Ajinomoto for all of your amino acid needs.

Amino Acid manufacturing locations

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