AJICURE® are epoxy resin hardeners and promoters for epoxy / DICY or epoxy / acid anhydride compositions

The curing agents AJICURE® PN-23 and MY-24 are both micro-ground powders which consist of amine adducts with epoxy resin, derived from the reaction of a compounds having tertiary amino group and epoxy compounds.

AJICURE® is essentially insoluble in epoxy resins at room temperature so that the mixture (AJICURE® + epoxy resin) is stable and display long pot life. When this mixture is heated at 80°C or 100°C, the AJICURE® powder dissolve itself into the epoxy resin and cure it. This curing reaction occurs very rapidly. The initiation of the curing reaction depends upon a simple phase change, which is quicker compared to a dissociation reaction of any other type of latent curing agent or accelerator, DICY or urea compounds.

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Pigment dispersing agent AJISPER®

AJISPER® exhibits prominent effect in dispersing organic & inorganic pigments and carbon black, enabling :

  • substantial viscosity reduction,
  • improved shelf life,
  • better coating film sharpness and mixed color stability.

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