AJICURE® are epoxy resin hardeners and promoters for epoxy / DICY or epoxy / acid anhydride compositions

The curing agents AJICURE® PN-23 and MY-24 are both micro-ground powders which consist of amine adducts with epoxy resin, derived from the reaction of a compounds having tertiary amino group and epoxy compounds.

As a latent curing agent, it effectively balances short curing time and pot life for low-temperature curing.
The PN and MY series can be used to create one-component epoxy resin compounds with superior curing properties and long shelf life.
We can also propose applications for resin compounds that can be stored at room temperature in environments where refrigerated storage is difficult.
As a curing accelerator for dicyandiamide, etc., it is also highly effective in lowering the curing temperature and improving the curing speed.
The hydrazide series has an extremely low curing temperature compared to general hydrazide compounds, and offers a variety of unique physical characteristics such as transparency and flexibility.

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Pigment dispersing agent AJISPER®

AJISPER® exhibits prominent effect in dispersing organic & inorganic pigments and carbon black, enabling :

  • substantial viscosity reduction,
  • improved shelf life,
  • better coating film sharpness and mixed color stability.

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