Ajinomoto amino acid-derived anionic surfactants are available in many types of products which leave a wide range of sensory effects on the skin: AMISOFT® is well known for moisturizing skin feel while AMILITE® is known for leaving the skin feeling fresh

All these products are hypoallergenic, highly biodegradable, and environmentally friendly

The products are available in a number of forms for personal care such as shampoos, facial cleansers, body washes, skin wash creams, and soap bars

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Since Ajinomoto developed AMISOFT®, a pioneering product in amino acid-based, weakly acidic surfactants, AMISOFT® has been at the forefront of the production of mild surfactants.

AMISOFT® is the best candidate for your Natural Formulations  as it is compliant with Ecocert, Natrue and Cosmos requirements.

AMISOFT® is derived from L-glutamic acid (an amino acid) and natural fatty acids. The AMISOFT® series is extremely hypoallergenic and well suited as a mild cleansing agent. The pH level of the agents is similar to that of the skin, therefore, they are very mild to the skin. Our products don’t dry out the skin, but leave it feeling moisturized after washing.

AMISOFT® is available in a variety of products including the compounds of sodium salt and compounds of varying acyl chain length. You can select the compound most suited to your end products, including soap bars, facial cleansing foams, liquid cleansers, etc.

  • Very mild and hypoallergenic
  • Highly biodegradable
  • Ecofriendly/Sustainable
  • Weakly acidic, similar to the pH level of the skin, leaving the skin without a taut feeling
  • Mild and gentle to the hair without leaving it dry and coarse

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AMILITE® is available in two versions : the glycine type, which is produced from glycine and natural fatty acids, and the alanine type, which is produced from alanine and natural fatty acids. AMILITE® 's main characteristic is its high foaming ability. It produces creamy, rich foam. It is notable for leaving the skin feeling fresh without making it feel taut.

The glycine type exhibits a synergistic effect with fatty acids, consequently, yielding a higher quality of elasticity as well as volume of foam. This effect makes it most suitable for body washes and facial cleansing foams.

The alanine type maintains high foaming ability even in the presence of oils such as silicon oil

  • Glycine and alanine, the main components of AMILITE®, are amino acids rich in human collagen and silk proteins, respectively
  • Creamy foams, which leave the skin feeling fresh
  • Due to the synergistic effect with fatty acids, volume maintenance and elasticity of the foam are improved

 AMILITE® ET-CS-12 is a mild foaming surfactant suitable for skin and hair cleansing products. Derived from L-Threonine, the amino-acid with hydroxyl group, L-Glutamic acid and coconut fatty acids, it produces rich foam in weakly acidic conditions and leaves a moist and smooth feeling on the skin, without causing a taut feeling.

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