Ajinomoto Co. offers you a range of products dedicated for hair conditioning.

Multifunctional raw materials are always useful when developing a new product...

Discover below our range of conditioners:


CAE is an Amino Acid-based cationinc surfactant derived from L-Arginine, DL-Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid and Fatty acid.

CAE is a very safe ingredient suitable for cosmetic products. It is absorbed to the hair and acts as a conditioner. CAE is biodegradable unlike most cationic surfactant.

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Amisafe® AL-01

AMISAFE® AL-01 is an amino acid based amphoteric surfactant derived from L-Arginine and fatty acid.

AMISAFE® AL-01 formulated in hair conditioners adsorbs to the hair and improves smoothness, moisturized feel and control of dry hair. These effects are more prominent on hair with severe damage.

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Aquadew® SPA-30B

Aquadew® SPA-30B 

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