Ajinomoto Co. offers you a range of products which combine humectant or emollient properties as well as anti-microbial abilities, anti-aging action. 

Multifunctional raw materials are always useful when developing a new product… 

Discover below our different proposals:

Ajidew® ZN-100

 AJIDEW®ZN-100, Zinc salt of L-Pyrrolidonecarboxylate (Zinc PCA), is part of Ajinomoto Co.'s line of nature-based, functional ingredients. With the combination of zinc and NMF, it suppresses excess sebum secretion, leaving skin feeling clean and refreshed. AJIDEW®ZN-100 is ideal for a wide range of health and beauty products.

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Prodew® P-DS-12

 PRODEW® P-DS-12 is an amino acid based humectant derived from L-Proline and fatty acids. It has good moisturizing effect and can work as a booster for antimicrobials.

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CAE is a very safe ingredient suitable for cosmetic products. It is absorbed to the hair and acts as a conditioner. CAE is biodegradable unlike most cationic surfactant.

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