To maintain good health conditions and protect the skin from damages and pollution the use of a SkinCare caring products is really important.

Ajinomoto Co.'s product portfolio offers you humectants and emollients to improve your final formulation.

Select one of below topic to find appropriate ingredients:


Addition of a humectant from AJIDEW® or PRODEW® range in a SkinCare caring product is a must to maintain good water amount in the NMF.

- Ajidew NL-50 our multi purpose humectant

- Ajidew ZN-100 our humectant having sebum control and anti aging properties

- Prodew 500 our optimized amino-acid derivative mix

Nourishing/Damage control

To bring additional nourishing properties to your formulation and to fight skin damage, Ajinomoto Co. below product is the most recommended one.

Eldew PS-203 R our pseudo-ceramide ingredient

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