AJinomoto Co.'s products portfolio also offers a wide range of multifunctional products for the OralCare application.

These ingredients will improve efficiency of your products while being safe for the user and for the environment.

Select one of below topic to find appropriate ingredients:

Gum blood circulation

The use of Ajinomoto Co.'s below product is the most recommended one when talking about gum blood circulation

Ajidew NL-50, our multi-purpose humectant

Enamel repair

End consumers are looking for efficient products. The addition of below Ajinomoto Co 's product will increase enamel repair

Ajidew ZN-100, our humectant having antimicrobial activity.

Avoiding coloration/Whitening

The use of powder surfactant from Amisoft range of product will avoid coloration of tooth. Thus the use is recommended in whitening products.

Amisoft MS-11, our multifunctional powder surfactant

Anti-microbial effect

Below cationinc surfactant is highly biodegradable. Thus its anti-microbial function and very good tox profile are adapted to OralCare application.

CAE, our cationinc surfactant

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