Nowadays, with intense washing, chemical means to colour or style hair and air pollution, scalp and hair fibers are damaged.

With limited time to take care of themselves, end consumers need easy-to-use but efficient products.

Ajinomoto Co.'s Personal Care Ingredients offer a wide set of conditioning, moisturizing and damage control solutions to develop your caring solutions.

Select one of below topic to find appropriate ingredients:


When talking about conditioner for HairCare products, two ingredients from our product portfolio must be taken into consideration.

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- Amisafe AL-01, our Amphoteric surfactant derived from L-Arginine and fatty acid. It absorbs to the hair and improve smoothness, moisturized feel and control of dry hair.

- CAE, our cationic surfactant coming from L-Arginine, DL-pyrrolidone carboxylic acid and fatty acid. It is absorbed to the hair and acts as a hair conditioner, having a high biodegradability unlike most cationinc surfactans.


Healthy hair and water content are closely related. Ajinomoto Co.'Personal Care Ingredients offers you a range of humectants, each having its own specificities:

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- Ajidew NL-50, our multi purpose humectant,

- Ajidew ZN-100, our humectant having sebum control and anti aging properties

- Prodew 500, our optimized amino-acid derivative mix

- Prodew P DS 12, our humectant with ani-microbialbooster function

Nourishing/Damage control

To bring additional nourishing properties to your formulation and to fight hair damage, Ajinomoto Co. below products are most recommended ones.

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- Eldew PS 203 R, our pseudo-ceramide ingredient

- Aquadew SPA-30 B, having hair repair funtion as well as "hair fly" reducing properties

- Amisafe LL-DS-22

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