What are Amino Acids?

To bring the blessings of the earth and the very essence of life to more people, we develop amino acid-based personal care ingredients friendly to people and to the earth. It's no exaggeration to call amino acids “earth-friendly.” Amino acids are natural materials, born of Mother Earth from the very essence of life, and closely related to human physiological functions. Earth-friendly and human-friendly, amino acids have many benefits yet to be explored. The first to market amino acids, Ajinomoto Co., has been a pioneer in personal care ingredients using amino acids, and is committed to exploring the virtually limitless performance characteristics of amino acids and to applying what we learn to the development of ever more beneficial personal care ingredients and products.

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The earth and amino acids

When and where did amino acids come from?
Answering this question touches on the origins of the earth.
Amino acids first formed some four billion years ago.
Water, ammonia, methane, and other substances combined while the planet was still young and temperatures were much higher than today.

Amino acids concentrated in tidal pools were transformed into proteins, while base compounds became nucleic acids. These continued to evolve, ultimately leading to the beginning of life. It's no exaggeration to call amino acids earth-friendly. They are natural materials born of Mother Earth.

Life and amino acids

Amino acids are called the source of life for good reason. Our bodies' muscles, organs, skin, and hair are all made up of proteins, which are in turn made up of unique combinations of 20 types of amino acids. In the body, amino acids are converted through various metabolic pathways to a multiplicity of useful substances. As the very essence for maintaining life, amino acids are naturally human-friendly.

Our Personal Care Ingredients based on Amino acid technology

A Rich Lineup of Highly Functional, Human-Friendly, and Environmentally-Friendly Amino Acid-Based Ingredients Ajinomoto Co.'s personal care ingredients combine human-friendly and environmentally-friendly amino acids to meet current market needs.
Ajinomoto Co.'s personal care ingredients are:

1. Mild

Gentle to skin and hair

2. Highly functional

Enhances desired characteristics

3. Highly biodegradable


4. Derived from nature

Perfect for natural product concepts

Abundant Lineups of Personal Care Material

Main Function

Trade Name

Cleansing agent








Gelatinization Agent

EB-21 GP-1

Functional Ingredient


R&D Support Capability

R&D Capabilities Based on a Comprehensive Knowledge of Amino Acids before developing ingredients, we look into market needs to determine concepts using amino acids. Then in product design and function evaluation, we study basic physico-chemical properties, safety, potential combinations, and sensory considerations before proceeding to manufacture any ingredient. The advanced R&D capabilities of dedicated staff fully familiar with all the ingredients involved help Ajinomoto Co.'s products serve customers on a global level.

Flow of Material Development

History Flow

Global Support Capability

History Capability

Our High Quality Products are Provided Worldwide Through Our Global NetworkAs a global pioneer in the science of amino acids "AminoScience", Ajinomoto Co. is expanding its R&D, production, and sales network to Europe, the US, South America and Asia, thus contributing to the health, nutrition, and beauty of people worldwide. We are continuously developing new ingredients and products of the highest quality.

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